Our Founder

Serena Grace

“I think the digital revolution instigated by the pandemic is one of the key strategic challenges that charities will face in the next few years.”

Serena studied at The University of Cambridge, The University of Oxford, UCL, Central Saint Martins and The British Institute of Psychoanalysis. She then spent over 10 years working in London tech firms helping companies with their digital growth strategies. This fired her love of technology. During this time she worked with researchers in the field of Human Machine Interaction, creating digital products for the East Asian education market. Following this, she worked with experts from The Anna Freud Centre, helping organisations to create well-being and clinical outcome measures.

Serena has also worked with key philanthropists and organisations to create clinical outcome measures, data systems and evaluation methods in the fields of social mobility and education. It was during her time working within philanthropy that Serena witnessed first-hand how time-consuming fundraising is, and how it has become a barrier to financial sustainability.

It was her background in technology and psychoanalysis and her work within consumer behaviour and business psychology that directly led her to partner with finance experts to create products to modernise funding and help organisations amplify their CSR strategy.

Serena is most passionate about specifically using her background in psychoanalysis to help create behavioural change within the field of sustainability and health policy. She advocates how mental and physical health are linked to the environment and believes it is detrimental for governments to separate health from environment policy. She is active in several research papers that explore the relationship between the pandemic and mental health and is also researching the dynamics of misinformation around climate change.

My Passion

Promoting Sustainability in Business

The Challenge for business

“I think the key challenge for all businesses is to clearly define their values and translate this vision across the whole organisation especially in periods of growth and uncertainty. I have seen a lot of focus on external service delivery but sometimes internal operational and cultural strategies are overlooked. This is mainly when organisations place profit over people. But we are in a period of change where we realise that a more inclusive and flexible working culture creates greater economic impact. Forbes reported that a strong inclusive workplace increased productivity by 56%, staff retention by 50% and reduced sick related leave by 75%.

These numbers are staggering and so the question is, why aren’t we all doing this? And I believe that there still needs to be a lot of work around behavioural change and perception. It is almost an alien concept that having a people over profit culture actually reaps greater economic gains. Defining your values and securing buy in at all levels produces more positive and empathetic work environments which translate to better service delivery and customer service.”

The Solution – sustainability

“There is a greater awareness that industrial sustainability produces more efficient work practices, reduces costs and increases social impact. The work done by Professor Steve Evans from Wolfson College, Cambridge University showed that if every industry moved halfway between where they are now to where the best in their own industry is in terms of energy efficiency, we would have 12% more profit, 15% more jobs and about a 5% reduction in greenhouse gasses.

Sustainability makes better economic and social sense. Again, I feel that ingrained preconceptions about sustainability can cause barriers for businesses – people wrongly assume that it is expensive and requires a lot of investment. This is where our work comes in – it is really about promoting behavioural change through information and through promoting more efficient operational work practices.”


Our Mission

We aim to provide people and planet led work practices that create behavioural change in efficiency and sustainability and create ethical values that drive social change and create greater economic impact.

Serena Grace – CEO

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