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2020 has really changed our perception of CSR and has cemented the importance of a connected approach for business to social and environmental issues. The pandemic has brought to the forefront that profit, people and planet are inextricably linked. For a business to thrive it has to take a proactive approach in implementing both internal and external strategies that promote these values.

 The pandemic has also seen a shift in consumer behaviour. Covid-19 has really highlighted the social injustices and inequalities that were previously hidden to many. The tragic personal and economic loss faced by the vast majority created a greater sense of ‘connectedness’ and community. And like all behavioural shifts this has impacted consumer buying habits, with over 50% of consumers reporting that they are now only willing to buy from businesses who have a trusted and ethical brand. This is extremely important from a CSR perspective when you also realise that up to 40% of a company’s reputation is linked to its CSR function.

Pay it Forward

Real social impact whilst cutting business overheads

CSR Pay was founded to help businesses create greater economic and social impact. There is a misconception that having a CSR Strategy can be time consuming and expensive to operate. We wanted to combat these myths by providing a simple solution that will cut costs for businesses and help communities create meaningful social change

  • Create meaningful social impact
  • Use business as a vehicle for good
  • Increase a company’s CSR presence
  • Cut business overheads
  • Generate greater consumer confidence
  • Connect a business directly to the community

How it works and what we do

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  • We offer a free consultation to review your business model
  • CSR Pay then evaluates your company ethos and the values of your customers
  • We use our products to create a personalised strategy that resonates with your customers
  • There is no additional cost to your organisation and neither do you need to invest in additional resource… in fact we save you money
  • We work with the UK’s leading research centres in the fields of human behaviour, sustainability and philanthropy, and share their best practice models
  • We measure and report on the direct impact your company is having on critical issues
  • We advise how to best utilise these reports in your marketing

the stats show that a planned CSR strategy pays:

Business – a force for good

The pandemic has caused an ethical and environmental consumer revolution. A study by Accenture reported that consumers “have dramatically evolved” with over 60% of surveyed consumers making more ethical and sustainable purchases since the start of the pandemic. This shift in behaviour is here to stay and post pandemic, the ethical values of an organisation will have an even greater effect on consumer buying habits. Those with a prominent CSR presence have already been shown to be more attractive to customers, with a recent study showing that 55% of consumers were willing to pay extra for goods and services when the company contributed to making a positive change.

The pandemic has finally brought the importance of social and economic issues to the forefront.


of consumers said they would be willing to buy a product or service based on a company’s advocacy


of a company’s reputation is based on their CSR functions


Is the average increase in market share value achieved through effective CSR strategies


of consumers are expecting companies to take the lead on social and environmental concerns

CSR through Fintech

Our Products

All of our products result in a reduction in costs, an increase in profit and create a greater social impact.

Hero Pay

Hero Pay cuts costs for any business that utilises the product, but in addition helps raise funds for charities that can broadly be associated with those who have spent their working lives giving service to the public.

Angel Pay

Angel Pay cuts costs for any business that utilises the product, but in addition helps raise funds for smaller charities concerned with specific issues or campaigns, ranging from healthcare treatments for individuals to improving local facilities.

Climate Pay

Climate Pay cuts costs for any business that utilises the product, but in addition funds work and research done by Wolfson College’s Sustainability and Conservation Hub, looking for actionable solutions to Climate Change

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