The CSR Group:

up to £100,000 of non ring-fenced funds


When accepted as our client, we calculate a fixed amount that we will raise for your charity each year

About The CSR Group

Who we are

Our mission is to “liberate charities from the labour and administrative constraints of fundraising by providing sustainable and non-ring-fenced income.

Having witnessed first-hand how labour intensive and time-consuming fundraising can be, we have worked hard to create a solution to this problem. Our fintech products help organisations receive non-ring-fenced, sustainable income, year on year. CSR Fundraising products allow charities to spend less time and resource on fundraising and more time on front line service delivery.

We are an ethical organisation with the vision to modernise the way that charities fundraise so that they can drive greater social impact. 

Let us take care of the fundraising.

91% of charities face disruption in fundraising

And yet 81% of charities report a huge increase in demand because of the pandemic.

Your problem

We recognise that income generation remains the number one challenge for charities and non-profits. This problem has only become more acute in the current global pandemic.

Our solution

Our specially designed fundraising products will raise between £5,000 – £100,000 of sustainable income every year, come rain or shine. All you have to do is follow our checklist.

Our approach

We offer a free fact-finding consultation. We gather and analyse your charity information and then create a tailored fundraising strategy using our specialised products to provide you with the amount that we will raise for your charity.

Unprecedented financial pressures on small charities

45% of smaller charities have been forced to close or are currently facing closure.

Our founder’s view:

The Challenge for the Charity Sector

“I think the digital revolution instigated by the pandemic is one of the key strategic challenges charities will face in the next few years. The pandemic pressed fast forward on a number of trends and behaviours that would have otherwise taken many years to instigate. The sudden shift and reliance on technology across business operations and supporting working from home happened pretty much overnight.

 Before the pandemic research showed that 87% of charities believed in the importance of investing in technology and IT systems but only 29% were using new technology effectively. And more recently the Charity Digital Skills Report claimed that 51% of charities still did not have a digital strategy. This will become even more crucial in income generating strategies as the fundraising landscape has fundamentally changed and charities will need to modernise in order to survive.”

Charities believing in the importance of investing in technology


Charities currently using Technology effectively


Charities currently without a digital strategy


Charities actively seeking alternatiuve funding sources


Our Process

The 3 Steps

Research & Analysis

We have an initial no obligation consultation to see if we all like each other!

If we do, then we draw up a financial sustainability plan. Within this plan we calculate a minimum amount that we will raise for your charity.

Roadmap planning

We provide you with our suggested roadmap and agreed actions for us all.

We discuss the above and translate final decisions into our ‘plain english’ written agreement, usually only one side of A4!

Execute & Monitor

We then set up your fundraising technology. All technology is monitored and regulated by us.

You receive a non ring-fenced income, paid monthly. You pay no fees. Instead we receive 10% of the amount raised for you to cover our admin and expenses.

From Our Founder

Our Mission and Core Values

Doing good is at the core of CSR Fundraising’s mission. We passionately believe in the power of technology to modernise fundraising for charities. Our key values promote integrity, innovation, transparency, impartiality and compassion. Caring for the community and world around us is at the heart of what drives our team.

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