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The CSR Group

The CSR group is founded and funded by a group of passionate business professionals with industry experience in wealth management, technology, e-commerce, digital strategy, finance, publishing and philanthropy. Collectively we have lived and worked in over 40 countries and have a deep understanding of the global and local challenges that businesses face. We fiercely believe that profit should not be placed above people or the planet and have seen first-hand how ethical, people led values lead to greater economic and social impact.

It is our mission to spread this message. 

What we care about

The Problem

Over the last few decades we have seen a worrying deterioration in social and environmental conditions around the world and on our very doorstep. We have seen social mobility decline in Britain with the Social Mobility Commission reporting that nearly half of the country feel they have a worse standard of living than the previous generation. This comes as The Institute for Fiscal Studies reports that income growth has stalled over the last decade due to economic recession and austerity measures that have left more than 1 in 5 people living in poverty, including 4 million children and 2 million pensioners. We have also seen and felt an increase in homelessness around London and our home cities and were particularly shocked to hear that since 2010 rough sleeping has increased by 52%. As living standards decrease, homelessness becomes a very real possibility for many working people. Shelter reports that almost half of working renters are only one pay-cheque away from losing their home. 

 This decline in social standards has seen the lowest socio-economic group hit hardest by the recent pandemic. The Social Metric Commission reported that Covid -19 had the greatest impact on those that were in the deepest form of poverty, with two thirds experiencing negative employment change. And The Health Foundation reported the correlation between low-income backgrounds and an increased impact of Covid-19.

The pandemic does not stand in isolation, it was not a one-off freak event. Such outbreaks are becoming more common and are a direct consequence of climate change. Health and the climate are inextricably linked and our failure to take preventative measures against climate change has seen increases in flooding, drought and pandemics. Climate change breeds the perfect conditions for increased pandemics and infectious diseases. In our lifetime, we have witnessed Sars, Mers, Ebola, Bird flu and Zika virus – these outbreaks are four times more frequent in the last half century.  

 We saw first-hand how the pandemic health crisis damaged global economies and pushed many countries into recession but the direct economic impact of climate change will have a more disastrous effect on the economy. The European Central Bank commented that “climate change is probably the biggest challenge we are facing, much bigger than the pandemic”.

Climate, health, economy and people are all connected and businesses and individuals cannot escape their responsibility to act now and prevent further acceleration to social and environmental damage. 


How we can help

The Solutions

The CSR Group realises that there are experts and organisations out there helping to create better social outcomes and supporting the most vulnerable in society. These people are experts in their field and make a real difference to the communities they work with. There are also organisations who understand the complicated climate crisis and are creating global and connected responses and educating individuals and businesses on how to live more sustainable lives.  We believe in order to create true and lasting change we need to support these organisations and amplify their work. It was with this in mind that The CSR Group created a range of specialised fintech products and strategies that brought together intelligent design with targeted local reach: CSR Fundraising, Climate Pay and CSR Pay.

 CSR Fundraising was devised to help UK charities who have been amongst the worst affected by the pandemic. Our specialist fintech products provide sustainable non ring-fenced income. We understand how labour intensive and unpredictable the funding landscape is, especially during the pandemic, and we have provided a sustainable income generation model for charities.

Climate Pay was created to help demystify the science behind climate change by providing common sense and actionable solutions for businesses, individuals and governments. We fund the research of world leading scientists and support their work with industrial sustainability and government policy.

CSR Pay helps businesses cut their costs whilst amplifying their CSR strategy through specialised technology. We create specialised solutions to social issues and place businesses at the heart of their community, effecting a greater and more tangible social impact.


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The CSR Group

CSR Fundraising

CSR Fundraising helps UK charities who have been amongst the worst affected by the pandemic. Our specialist fintech products provide a stream of sustainable non ring-fenced income, year after year


CSR Pay has three products that cut costs for businesses that utilise those products. In addition to cutting costs, those products enable their customers to donate funds to a wide and varied range of charities

Climate Pay

Climate Pay cuts costs for any business that utilises the product, but in addition funds work and research done by Wolfson College’s Sustainability and Conservation Hub, looking for actionable solutions to Climate Change

Our Mission here at The CSR Group

We aim to provide people and planet led work practices that create behavioural change in efficiency and sustainability and create ethical values that drive social change and create greater economic impact.

Serena Grace – CEO

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